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Avv. Mauro Carelli

I was born in Codogno (LODI), Italy, on 28/2/1974.

I graduated from Università di Pavia.

I joined the law firm “Brusa Spagnolo Tosoni & Parteners” in 2002 and I became Junior Partner in 2009. In 2019 the law firm changed the name in “Studio Legale Brusa Spagnolo Tosoni Carelli”.

My story

During the course of my professional activity, I specialized in the following fields: bankruptcy crimes, tax-related crimes, Public Administration crimes, corporate crimes, environmental criminal law and intellectual property crimes.

In particular, I held defense counsel position in the main Italian criminal court cases: several criminal proceedings concerning bankruptcy, as well as fiscal proceedings and proceedings related to environmental disasters.

I co-operate with several Italian and international law firms (UK, Switzerland) and he provides assistance and criminal counseling – as well as in relation to the above matters – also in relation to proceedings brought by CONSOB.

I have participated with the other law firm’s partners and associated as speaker in conferences on “Corporate administrative liability” (ex D.lgs 231/01) and on Public Administration cases.

I am the supervisor president (D.lgs 231/01) for a multinational company in food / no food field and for an asset management company.


Language and contacts


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