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Avv. Paolo Tosoni

I was born in Montichiari (Brescia), Italy on 6/3/1962.

I graduated from Università degli Studi di Milano 
In 2001 I co-founded the associated law firm “Studio Legale Brusa Spagnolo Tosoni & Partners”, later become “Studio Legale Brusa Spagnolo Tosoni Carelli”.

My story

During the course of my professional life, I specialized in criminal law in the field of financial and company crimes (banking, financial, corporate and bankruptcy), Public Administration crimes, negligent crimes in general and for professional medical liability, and in crimes for breaches in accident prevention, health at work and environmental protection rules.

In particular, I held defense counsel position in the main criminal court cases of the past years such as: the court case for bankruptcy and market rigging by Parmalat, the court case for banking crimes by Banca Popolare di Lodi, the so-called “Telecom affair” case and the so-called court case “Banca Italease derivatives”.

I have been for sixteen years the Chairman of the “Libera Associazione Forense” (Free Law Association) that involves lawyers from all around Italy.

I have been a member of the Management Committee of the Milan “Centro Studi e Ricerca di Diritto Penale dell’Economia” (Study and Research Centre for Criminal Law in the Economy).

I participated with the other law firm’s partners and associated as speaker in conferences on “Corporate administrative liability” (D.lgs 231/01) and on Public Administration cases.

I have been an assistant lecturer at the School for Specialization in Legal Professions at the University of Milan, on topics relating to criminal law.

In March 2015 I have been chosen adviser of the order of the Lawyers of Milan and he covers the charge of vice-president of the Forensic Foundation and member of the board of directors of the Forensic School of the same Order: I take care of the formation obligatory penalty for the affiliate to the order of the Lawyers of Milan and, in such dress he organizes and coordinates conferences and formative events in the various specializations of the penal right.

In May 2018 I won the prize “Premio Le Fonti” as criminal lawyer of the year, with the following motivation: for the high specialization reached in the field of economic and corporate crimes, both in the judicial activity and of consultation, this last furnished both to private subjects and public in the optics of the management of the penal risk connected to the business activity.

In 2021 I have been named member of the Ministerial Commission for the implementation of the reform of criminal trial by the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia.

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